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As our saying goes, “OneDrive may be for One Person”. But you may have one (or more) questions about it or how to get the most out of the service.  If you do, just check out the OneDrive articles in the Training and Learning Center (TLC)! The TLC is a one-stop shop for all your KCTCS technology needs including OneDrive and other Office 365 topics and services. You’ll find resources and information about uploading and downloading files in OneDrive, tips on organizing your files, and links to updated Microsoft articles about this valuable service. OneDrive is secure and private by default and the OneDrive page in the TLC contains information on sharing and security for your protection. Other tips include how collaboration and co-authoring works, how auto-save works, and how to troubleshoot sync issues.

Last updated: 2020-06-25 11:13 AM 1-1551567
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